KB, Chilworth

‘I first visited Alison in the third trimester of pregnancy, suffering from swollen legs/feet/ankles and painful carpal tunnel that had bothered me for several weeks – I had assumed these symptoms were something I would have to put up with until after my babies birth and thought reflexology would be a relaxing treatment but did not think it would cure my ills. However, after just a couple of sessions with Alison, the intense pain in my right thumb was gone and the pins and needles in my hands that had woken me most nights for the previous month were greatly diminished so I no long noticed or was woken by them. My swollen legs were also greatly improved and no longer pained me. I believe the mixture of reflexology and reiki that Alison used was solely the reason for this.

Alison is a lovely calming presence who is very easy to get along with – if I felt like talking all through a session she would happily oblige me, but if I was feeling like sitting back and zoning out there was no pressure to talk or awkward silences. I highly recommend Alison as a therapist and found my treatments to be extremely beneficial, as soon as my newborn allows me the time, I will be back for a postnatal treatment and hope to see Alison for any future pregnancies.’