Treatment options

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Reflexologist, I work with you to restore your balance and find your centre.


Reflexology is the gentle art form of therapeutic foot massage. It aims to treat the individual as a whole incorporating body, mind and spirit. The goal of reflexology is to trigger the return to homeostasis – a state of balance. The most important step towards achieving this is to reduce tension and induce relaxation.

Reflexology is a specific pressure technique that works on precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that reflex areas on the feet correspond with all body parts. Pressure is applied to the reflex areas using specific thumb and finger techniques. This causes physiological changes to take place in the body as the body’s own healing potential is stimulated.

It can be beneficial for many conditions i.e. stress, sleeping problems, menstrual imbalances, digestive complaints to name but a few, or simply a way to maintain health and vitality.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology and Pregnancy

Alison has specialised in pregnancy reflexology for over 10 years, she finds this area very rewarding and has had great success treating a number of women at various stages of pregnancy with many confirming its positive effects. She can offer pregnancy reflexology treatments after 12 weeks.

What reflexology can do for you in pregnancy:

• Eliminate oedema and reduce swelling in feet and ankles

• Prevents morning sickness

• Improve sleep quality

• Clear headaches

• Relieve varicose veins

• Clear pelvic congestion

• Improve lymphatic drainage

• Aid digestion

• Oxygenate the baby by improving the blood flow within your whole body

• Help to carry your baby to term

• Can be use to initiate labour if you are overdue

Regular treatment can help to reduce labour times, as well as helping with postnatal depression and general relaxation.

Postnatal Reflexology

Reflexology is a very gentle and natural way to recover following the birth of your baby. Postnatal reflexology sessions will give you a much-needed opportunity to relax.

The treatment may also:

• Help to alleviate anxiety and baby blues

• Ease breastfeeding and encourage lactation

• Ease digestive problems

• Reduce the discomfort of haemorrhoids

• Encourage menstrual cycle to return to normal

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